• 99.99% Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride
  • 99.99% Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride

99.99% Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride

Product origin:
Luoyang China
99.99% Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride

FengRui has a mature process for producing high-quality electronic grade AHF with a purity of 99.99% and maximum impurities of 10 ppm, which is widely used in various fields, including new energy, semiconductors, fluorine-containing new materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals and refrigerants.

As part of the supply and production chain of Fengrui, the 25,000tpa anhydrous hydrogen fluoride(AHF), has the raw major feedstock coming from the flotation plant of Fengrui itself, and same sourcing channel for the sulphuric acid manufacturing. All the mining, flotation and HF manufacturing sites are in the same area where Fengrui is located, and by this internal supply chain the stable production of the AHF is featured.


Hydrofluoric acid is a kind of  colorless liquid and generates fume in the air with strong pungent odor, highly toxic and strongly corrosive. Metal treatment and glass processing are the main direct use. Fluorocarbons, used as refrigerants or polymer precursors are the largest segment which accounts for 60% of global HF demand. And fluorocarbon products work as critical enablers in the production of semiconductor material and IC devices. 


The HF purity is up to 99.99% with the packages with medium pressure steel bottles as 330kg/660kg each,  or container tank packaging with 15000-20000kg as net weight for long distance sea transportation.

The preferred ports are Xingang Tianjin and Lianyungang in Jiangsu province.


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